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Why More Parents Should Become Entrepreneurs

Learn the opportunities available for parents as they can possess a good leader and a natural manager’s skills. 80% of the entrepreneurs who also manage their kids have higher success rates in their businesses than bachelors.

What we do 

Great Parents Do to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Delay gratification

Parents value everyone’s efforts better as they understand the work that goes behind management.
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Find limits & consistency

Parents have better skills to manage their limits and provide better consistency in their plans.
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Strong communication

Parents possess better communication and social skills than individuals and also find opportunities
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Manage Time

Parents can manage time better for their daily routines, which will also reflect in their business.
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Be flexible

Being a parent and managing your business will allow you to stay flexible while looking after every process
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To Balance Being A Parent And An Entrepreneur

They love their babies

Parents take good care of their kids and teach them values. Similarly, they can train their employees and offer them valuable information while taking care of them.

They are leaders

Since you teach new values to your kids every day, you automatically become a good teacher. Just like how your kids look up to you for advice

They have plan ahead

Parents can manage their time better and plan ahead of time to make sure everything goes as planned.


Beth M Parker

I have been leading a team of 20 members for over three years now with the help of the right guidance that I found here.

Jay J Kennedy

This is a great platform for parents who want to explore their options while they have time to waste at home.

Bev R Webb

I want to thank this program that has given me the confidence to get back to using my managerial skills once again as my own boss.

Recent Updates

6 Reasons Why Parents Can Become Entrepreneurs


Parents who handle their kids at home and manage their work on the side can better start up a new business. There are several qualities that parents and good entrepreneurs share. Today more parents who have free time to be at home while taking care of their kids are coming forward with creative business ideas. If you need a reason to start up your own business as a parent, here are six.

You love your kids

Both entrepreneurs and parents possess the quality of being affectionate towards their business/kids. Parents can think of ways to nourish and protect their kids while entrepreneurs do the same for their business. Starting a new business will not be a totally new experience for parents as they will already have the mindset of taking care of what they love.

You are a leader

Since you teach new values to your kids every day, you automatically become a good teacher. Just like how your kids look up to you for advice, you will have a team in your startup who will look at you as the mentor. You already have the skills of giving commands and leading your team to success.

You have the patience


Managing the needs of your kids and providing them with the right learning needs a lot of patience. You have a clear head to know what your kids need to become a better individual. Similarly, you will also manage your employees with patience and help them grow at their own pace.

You are more social

Some might feel that becoming a parent ends social life, but you just enter a new phase of social life in reality. You can connect with the schools, healthcare centres, summer camps, and more to find new connections that can help your business. You can also join communities of parents and find your partners and clients who share the same lifestyle.

You understand time management

When you manage your kids every day, you develop a sense of time management. It comes naturally to parents as a practice that can benefit you in running a business. While working in an office will require time management according to your office needs, being an entrepreneur will allow you to form your own plans.

You are productive


As a parent, you will have to wake up early every morning to prepare food for your kids and also get them ready for school. This gives you enough time throughout the day to stay productive. Individuals do not have the right time management to stay productive. You will be early in responding to your emails and calls every morning and also complete your tasks by afternoon instead of stretching your hours.