The One Thing You Need to Go From Hobby to Entrepreneur and How to Use It


Joel Louis of returns to the podcast to share his lessons learned from his hobby (StartupDadHQ) to his new, quickly growing business,

Listen to Joel’s debut on the show HERE!

Now what is Joel up to?

2015 was a very difficult year for the Louis Family

  • Intel shut down the plant at which Joel worked for the past 14 years
  • His daughters had health issues

In 2016, during his podcasting days, a guest suggested the book E-Myth Revisited, which changed his mindset from StartupDadHQ, which he realized was a hobby making him no money, to, which is a 5 figure a month business.

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This journey started in 2008 when Joel’s first daughter was born:

  • She took a sebatacle to take care of her with his wife
  • When he went back to work he realized, “This sucks!”

Then in 2013, Joel attended World Domination Summit:

  • It opened his mind to the actual possibilities
  • It helped focus his intentions to a business, rather than a hobby

Can you create income online the way the gurus tell us by putting up a landing page, and collecting revenue?

Jaimie Masters started off line providing a one-on-one service through coaching.

  • Now Jaimie provides that service through a one-to-many offering in group programs

Jason Swank started with an offline agency with an office providing marketing services to large clients.

  • Now Jason coaches other agency owners on building success
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Being a techie, and a Jack-of-all-Trades kinda guy, Joel’s first mistake was doing everything in his hobby/business himself.

Early 2015, Joel took a course from Jamie Masters called Millionaire Hustlers, and later that year, Jaimie asked Joel to do some work for her. That’s when he ended up using his technology and Jack-of-all-Trades skills

  • He saw a need for all the technology for webinar productions
  • He specialized, instead of doing all tech
  • He launched March of 2016, and by June, he hit his first 5 figure month
  • Things have only gone up from there…
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  • I had the idea
  • I gave it a name in a matter of minutes
  • I created a mindmap of what the services would look like
  • I started reaching out to people
  • I wasn’t going to do anything else until I had money in the bank

NO website

NO domain name

NO logo

NO email list

  • I did searches on Facebook for people doing webinars
  • I messaged them in FB messenger offering my services
  • I got clients one at a time like that until August or September, 2017
  • Then I purchased the domain name, because was taken
  • Then I hired a coach
  • Then I hired an assistant
    • Now I can scale
    • Now I can focus
    • Now I can serve more clients then I ever could on my own
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Joel started with a VA company, rather than hiring one person for his team, but then through his coach, he realized the value of time in training for one person on the team who knows what to do and how to do it.

  • Create systems
  • Even though it takes more time to create training videos, DO IT!
  • Invest time and money into your training

How has started to grow so quickly?

  • Since one of my weaknesses is perfectionism
    • I had to do a complete 180 into the uncomfortable
    • I had to NOT be the one holding everything back
    • My severance was quickly coming to an end
  • I identified my ideal client
    • B2B
    • Doing the biz full time
    • Product/Service offering cost $500 – $1,000 each
      • Return on investment makes sense
    • Website traffic MozBar
      • Not too Large – probably has team or contractor doing my job
      • Not too Small – doesn’t make enough to justify
    • They make enough money to justify
    • FB fan page number of likes/followers +/- 20,000
  • I increased my pricing 4 times since I started
    • Started at $697 for 3 webinars
      • minimum 2 hours of my time just to do the webinars
      • add strategy calls
      • add follow up
    • Making much less than $100/hour
    • When he raised his prices, every client told him that he was worth 3X as much as he was charging
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No More Online Courses!


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Enjoy the Journey!