The Future of E-Learning is in ChatBots and AI with Inviral Founder Peter Lisoskie



Once Upon a Time as Peter:

  • For Peter, the kids drove the business
    • Back in 1997 Peter was constantly gone as a result of his job, but he had two boys back home
    • The job had all the perks, good pay, flying first or business class, but one day when he was flying he had a realization
      • He was never home; his kids didn’t even know him
      • Right around 2000 he was going to be relocated to Sacramento from Hawaii, so he decided to leave the corporate world
  • As the main breadwinner in his family, how did he leave his job?
    • Peter ran for six months, and when he was running he thought that he was going to find himself and start becoming an entrepreneur slowly
    • He didn’t want to uproot his family, so he decided to stay in Hawaii for some time
      • He would work from like two in the morning until around seven or eight as a result of doing work centered in New York, then he’d lay on the beach for run for the rest of the day
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      • If you don’t have clarity you can’t have success in your personal, business, or any other life
      • He used his running time to try to find clarity
  • Peter’s journey led him to Washington state after the school year was over, and he decided to pursue becoming a teacher
    • He ended up teaching and helping all of the “troubled” kids
    • In addition Peter coached baseball
  • Peter decided to continue teaching through baseball, but he also started selling little things like eBooks online
  • In his childhood, Peter would help his father build houses
    • He decided to go back to his roots, so he bought a multi-unit franchise and turned it into a multi-million dollar company
    • Eventually he sold half of it, and when the recession hit he closed down the other half
  • Next, he decided to start working online fully with a global business incubator he started that he called inViral
  • Peter started delving deeper into chat bots, and at around 2015 he saw that people are spending more time in messenger aps than they do on social media
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  • Now is the time to get in and learn about new trends such as artificial intelligence and chat bots: it’s similar to getting with the trend of buying domain names back in 1995
  • Facebook ads are becoming more expensive: Facebook itself has said that they’re going to run out of ad space by the end of 2017
    • Peter decided to use Facebook messenger ads instead
  • The toughest part for people switching to messenger is changing from long story form writing like email to taking the most important parts and making them into a message
  • Get into Peter’s group ChatBot Nation!
    • It’s a closed group, but you can get in without a problem
    • In the group you can join the 5-day ChatBod Challenge!
      • The course isn’t like just watching a bunch of videos; in the course you interact with a bot
  • Artificial intelligence aids us in making things go faster and smoother
    • When we work together the tide rises, and we rise with the tide
  • My income has gone up 12X since I started with bots!
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Enjoy the Journey!