The 7 Tools Entrepreneurs Use to Create Success that You Probably Aren’t Using Effectively


Here are the top 7 tools you might not be using effectively, and how to start using them right now!

1. Time Management (JLD’s Mastery Journal)

Power Parent Spotlight: Hal Elrod

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2. Entrepreneurial Identity

Complete this statement:

I help ________ with __________ so they can _____________. Answer this, and you never need to sell. #startup Click To Tweet

…by answering these questions:

  • Whom do you serve?
  • How do you serve them?
  • What transformation do they experience because of your product/service?

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3. Website Clarity

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4. Leadpages (Amy Porterfield, every post and podcast episode freebie)

Lead capture is the best way to build your business online or off. #statup #parententrepreneur Click To Tweet

To be able to communicate directly with the people interested in what you have to say and sell is the most important sales tool in your entrepreneurial arsenal.

Programs like Leadpages make lead capture so amazingly simple, functional and fun that capturing leads for my businesses would take much longer, and be much more expensive without it!

If you produce content online, the most effective way you can use lead capture is to create a unique lead magnet for each piece of content you produce.

When you do this, you provide a unique content/email/sales funnel for each piece of content you create…see tool #4 for more.

Power Parent Spotlight: Amy Porterfield

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5. Mailchimp

I subscribe to many lists, and unsubscribe from most of them within the first month, because they either don’t clearly lead me down a path deeper into the reason I subscribed in the first place, or I no longer need the information I initially subscribed to get…except for Pat and JLD.

Once you create a lead capture system (like in Tool #4 with Leadpages), you need to do something with the valuable email you just collected.

You now need an automated email funnel to further give benefit to your subscriber. #emailmarketing Click To Tweet
  1. Provide a clear course on a clear journey with a specific goal and destination in mind that directly relate deeper to the original lead magnet that captured them into your world in the first place
  2. Regularly provide this content in a way that isn’t bugging them with spammy emails
  3. Give them regular options to segment themselves further based on their changing needs
  4. Give them regular options to buy what you have to sell that directly relates to their lead magnet that captured them into your world in the first place

You can have many email funnels leading to many products or only a few products that include many of the lead magnets you use.

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6. Social Media

There are the three ways you should communicate on social media to reach the people who need what you have.

  1. Clarity – clear, specific posts that are very descriptive and targeted to your audience, and their pains, needs, desires and inspirations
  2. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency, Consistency, Consistency... IN EVERYTHING! #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet
  3. Connection – ask questions of your audience relating to your post to get them engaged in your topic, ideas and marketing

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7. Products fit your niche

Once you have mastered the previous six tools, you probably have created the products your audience is asking you for.

This part is the no-brainer once you get all the previous six tools mastered, actually.

  1. Here are the people I feel have done this so, so well. Check them out! #mentor #startup Click To TweetMichael Hyatt – PlatformU and Best Year Ever
  2. Marie Forlio – B-School
  3. Joel Louis – Webinar Productions
  4. Joey Korenman – School of Motion

Power Parent Spotlight: Michael Hyatt

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Power Parent Spotlight: Joel Louis

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Power Parent Spotlight: Joey Korenman

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