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Ready to take your content out of your head, or off your blog, and sell it to the world through Self Publishing?

I have gathered all the best tools to help you self publish your content, and have it ready for sale so you can spend more time being that amazing Parent Entrepreneur! 

HMSPGuideCoverHere is my FREE Guide to Self Publishing.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Use this step-by-step guide.

I share with you my months of research to learn how to self publish.

You’ll learn the importance of creating the right title, why you need to market your book before publishing it, the ins and outs of the self publishing world, and so much more!

I used this to publish my first book, Say Bump and Take a Left. (you can get a free copy here!)

This complete guide is FREE ~ Enjoy!

*I work with a Pay Per Value process – if you find value, you can choose to pay the amount that represents the value you received.  I thank you for respecting my time and expertise.



Software for Writers*

Here is the BEST writing software* I have ever used!

This writing software is formatted the way a writer’s mind thinks! The free trial period does too, because it is based on the number of trial days you USE the software, not the calendar.


Book Design Templates*

Here are some easy, ready-made Book Design Templates* for MS Word

Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s and Specialty Authors now have a formatting friend!  Joel Friedlander, Self Publishing Expert has templates ready for your manuscript if written in MS Word.

He even has a One-Size-Fits-All template that is scalable for both eBook and POD!


Web Hosting*

Here is the best Author Website Hosting Service* I’ve used!

Every Author needs a website, and yours will be amazing!  A website is easier to create than you might think, but you need a hosting service on which to put that pretty face.  Bluehost is the best I’ve ever used, by far, especially when paired with WordPress! (and I’ve used Homestead, Weebly and GoDaddy to name just a few)  See if your domain is available: