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Here is my complete Affiliate Disclaimer 

Website Hosting and Creation

        • BlueHost* ~ Website Hosting and so much more! This is my hosting service, and they have a step-by-step tutorial on hosting your new website, transfer of an existing domain, and WordPress setup.  (They also support Weebly, but I would not recommend using Weebly…because If you want to upgrade, you can’t take your site/blog with you!)
        • WP Curve* ~ These guys and gals are AMAZING at helping you integrate, update and secure all things WordPress! Very affordable, too!  Another great Pat Flynn Power Tool!


  • Smart Passive Income ~ Pat Flynn has created THE source for making a passive income from your knowledge online.  If  you can’t find help here with blogging, podcasting and affiliate marketing, you simply haven’t clicked on the link.  It’s all right there!
  • Zen Habits ~ If you have ever wanted to simplify your life, yet feel fulfilled, Leo Babauta can certainly give you some actionable tools to do so NOW!
  • Bloggy Moms* ~ Who needs a community when you are a MomBlogger…YOU DO!  Tiffany North has an amazing Guide to Monetizing your Blog, and a training series entitled, 1 Year to a Better Blog.
  • Triberr ~ Do you have a message to spread?  If so, there is probably a loyal tribe waiting to hear it, contribute to it, and follow your lead.  Create your tribe, and broadcast your message on Triberr.  The best platform for your message! I have several tribes who help me spread my many words…
  • Platform University ~ An incredible resource and community for building your online presence and platform from which you create your online business.
  • Leadpages* ~ The easiest, most professional, and most awesome way to create landing pages, and lead boxes, not to mention incredibly cool launch pages and funnels!  Every opt-in form you see on this site is done with Leadpages!


  • Podcasting A to Z ~ Cliff Ravenscraft is the Podcast Answer Man, and the one who started it all for both Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas.  If you have a question, he has the answer!
  • The Step-by-Step Podcasting Tutorial ~ This is the only thing I used to set up Parent Entrepreneur Power, and you won’t need anything else, either!  Pat taps The Power!
  • Podcaster’s Paradise* ~ This program and community is On Fire! John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson have broken down creating, monetizing and promoting a podcast so you can create the success you want in a step-by-step program.
  • FinalCut Pro ~ Mac-based video editing and production software.

Online Business

  • Internet Business Mastery* ~ Jeremy and Jason have created the program that helped launch the likes of Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com, and they have been mastering the internet with out own businesses for 10 years.  I’m sure they can help you, too.  (I haven’t joined their Academy*, but I have greatly benefited from the free content on their blog and by listening to their podcast!)
  • CorpNet* ~ Nellie Akalp and her team can help you get your business started with business license, permit, trademark or LLC filings done right! She even has a FREE Business Structure Wizard to determine where to start. Forming an S-Corp, NonProfit or LLC can be hassle free with CorpNet by your side.
  • MailChimp~ For a mailing list of 2,000 subscribers or less, this email list-building service is FREE! When you go over that number, you can upgrade, or switch.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • DISC Personality Test ~ Recommended by Andy Traub during our conversation, this online tool will help you focus on your Parent Entrepreneur strengths by helping you define aspects of your personality.
  • Xero ~ An online business accounting system recommended by Jason Leake of 100 Days of Real Food.
  • Unroll.me ~ Tired of all those email subscriptions you thought you needed and are cluttering up your inbox?  Easy solution…Here you go…
  • Mint ~ Provides free, and almost fully automated Financial tracking, and was recommended by Devin Thorpe of Your Mark on the World!
  • InfusionSoft ~ Powerful, robust email/landing page marketing system recommended by Tamara Monosoff.
  • Rapportive ~ Gmail plugin that allows the user to view information and social media profiles for anyone you name by email, and recommended by Matt McWilliams.


  • Scrivener~ The absolute best writing software I’ve used!  Once you create any manuscript using the Fiction, Non-Fiction or Screenplay templates provided, or customizing your own, you can then compile it for the perfect publishing form – eBook or POD!
  • The Book Designer* ~ Joel Friedman gives you all the tools you will ever need to create and sell the perfect book…YOURS!  Self Publishing books and guides, tools and resources, and training programs for every level of writer/self publisher.
  • CreateSpace ~ Amazon’s POD (print on demand) self publishing platform that allows you to look like the big New York publishers without the rejections, long lead time and expense of giving away all your profits – recommended by Annie Fox.

Project Management/Development and Time Management/Productivity

  • Trello ~ A wonderful online tool to help you manage all your projects…and the ones you want to get to “some day”!
  • Mindomo ~ An amazing, intuitive, FREE online mind mapping system that allows you to freely create and brainstorm with anyone anywhere, and recommended to PowerParents by Jeremy Frandsen.
  • Rescue Time – Does exactly what it says. Shows you where you are spending your time to allow you to get it back and FOCUS!
  • Pomodoro TechniquePomodoro Timer – Just check it out…you’ll thank me!

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