PEP 168: Follow Jim Palmer from Dream Business Coach to Our Floating Home


Once Upon a Time as Jim:

  • For Jim, the kids definitely came first
  • By the time Jim was 27, him and his wife had had four kids
    • They wanted to have a big family; they wanted to have three kids, but the third child ended up being twins
  • It wasn’t until Jim turned 41 and lost his job that he became an entrepreneur. Instead of getting another job, he decided to pursue becoming an entrepreneur
  • When Jim first lost his job, his family had to really cut back on spending. Through a period of financial crisis like that, once really learns what the core expenses are
  • His kids got jobs starting at around 13; babysitting first, then jobs at the local pizza shop and so on
  • Before Jim had surgery as a result of cancer, he did not know if he would live as long as he was hoping
    • It was still early in the stages, so Jim is still alive, kicking, and cancer-free today. However, that cancer spell really did shake him up bad
    • When you face mortality, you really find out what’s important
      • He found that his relationships with his family are really what’s important
  • When we realize that we’re not the only people with horrible problems, when we connect with people that have had difficult times, life gets a little sweeter
  • One of Jim’s daughters, Jessica, is the founder of Interview Connections, and has been on this show before
    • When she was pregnant with her first child, she said she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom
    • Jim said that he could help her become a VA part-time
    • She was doing some admin work, client support, and booking interviews
    • Jessica really enjoyed being an entrepreneur; she could work when her son was sleeping and such
    • Jim told Jessica was like a connector of interviews, so they went to GoDaddy right then and started Interview Connections
  • The first business Jim started was called Dynamic Communication.
  • One day Jim’s wife asked him when they could go on a vacation. They hadn’t been on one in well over five years. They could afford it, but Jim didn’t know how he could stop working for that time. He was the owner and president of his own corporation, but he did all of the grunt work
  • Jim has assistants, which help his companies to run almost on autopilot
  • If you’re struggling and feeling stretched, that means it is time to hire help
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On the fence?

  • It's okay to be scared, as long as you never give up. #perseverance #success #startup Click To Tweet
  • Stop waiting for it to get easier, create your dream business now
  • Decide (until you decide, nothing else happens)
  • Just say yes
    • These all happen to be the titles of Jim’s latest books
  • Jim and his wife decided to go on an adventure: they wanted to sell their house and live on a boat for some time
    • As with any big decision like this, they had doubts
    • However, one day Jim’s wife got an email with an inspirational quote that said something like “you were not made to arrive at heaven’s door in a well-preserved body, you should slide in all dusted up and go ‘wow, what a ride'”
  • Jim used to have a coaching client who wanted to be in the restaurant business
    • People like that need to make cold calls to get started
    • Well, the client said he didn’t like doing that
    • In response, Jim asked him what he would say if one of his children came home and said he didn’t want to continue playing baseball because other kids might laugh. Well. he’d tell then to get back out there and take another swing
    • Instead of just not making those calls, personalize that task. Lead by example, show what it takes to stand up and do it

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