PEP 167: Screw Email, This is the List You Need to be Building


How many people are on your messenger list?

  • We’ve been held hostage by email marketing for far too long, and with messenger you can break free, and have more fun, and have more profit
  • Everyone tells us that the money is in our list, but no one talks about email click through rates being down the toilet. (Mailchimp Marketing Benchmark)

  • On average, nobody gets more than 30% of people opening their emails
    • The only people with success in this have HUGE email lists
    • 90% don’t even click through to the offers, but that doesn’t really matter for the people with 500,000 people on their email list
  • Conversion rate:
    • Let’s say, out of 15,000 people on a person’s email list, only 30% of them buy
    • And let’s say what the person is selling costs $997
    • That will get them more than $4 million
  • However, let’s apply it to those of us with a smaller email list
    • Let’s say there is a standard small business with about 3,000 people on their email list
    • 30% of people open your emails, and 10% of them click through. That’s 90 people that are actually engaging with what you have to say
    • 30% of them buy at $997, so you get a little more than $26,000
    • However, this is not enough to sustain your business and your life
      • You would then need to find what else you could sell them, or find another 3,000 people
  • For the last couple of months, I have been learning how to use messenger funnels, and acquiring new clients
    • You can run a Facebook ad that takes a prospective client and sends them directly to messenger
    • However, this is not really different from an email list
    • Once they click through the Facebook ad, they are giving you permission to communicate with them through messenger
      • This is identical to someone entering your world through email and giving you permission to communicate with them
    • However, the way you interact with those people is radically different through each of the different platforms
    • Let’s say someone clicks through a Facebook ad and opens messenger
      • Then, you will have an automated conversation with them just like through email
        • However, it’s engaging. They are short messages that they can respond to by clicking buttons or actually type a response
      • You can do an ad, or you could create a post on your business page telling them to comment something like the word “yes!” which would then send them straight to messenger, just like the ad
    • However, people can mark your page as spam if you don’t do it right
    • Let’s take that person that has 500,000 people on their email list
      • The statistics of open and click through rates are staggering

  • The conversion rate still depends on you. You sell what you have to say and what you have to offer, messenger can’t do that for you
  • Out of those 500,000 people, they get 80-90% open rates in messenger
    • That equates to 400,000 people opening their messages, as opposed to 150,000 people through the email list
    • Now, the click through rate can be 60-80%
      • It is an active funnel. It’s not just emails with stories, your prospects are actually engaged
    • 240,000 people would open and click through to whatever that person has to say
    • If 30% of those people buy, at $997 each, they would make $71,000,000
  • Now let’s discuss those of us with closer to 3,000 people on an email list
    • If 80% open, that’s 2,400 people
    • If 60% of those people actually click and engage with what you have to say, that’s 1,440 people
    • Your conversion rate is 30%, so 432 people will buy your product at $997
      • So, now, you have $430,700
    • Through that, you can deliver amazing quality to those 432 people so they will speak highly of you to others and your audience will grow
  • If you want to build anything, you have to be very picky and very choosy about what you’re consuming, because the time you spend consuming is taken away from the time spent producing
  • Go to Messenger Funnels to learn more and explore the possibilities
    • Of course, there is a free pdf that takes you through how it all works
  • Don’t just jump into this like with email, people will not be happy with you
    • If they get notified at 2 in the morning, their phone is right by their bed, and it is your message, they are not going to be very happy
    • People are used to communicating with friends via messenger, not businesses
      • We have to be very respectful of that and watch how we go about it
  • If you want to use this but you can’t afford to hire help, I am offering a course to help you learn how to do this:


  • Let’s rise to the top of this together, it is so amazing. This is no longer just numbers reading emails, you will be genuinely interacting with people

Enjoy the Journey (and you will if you take this one with me, Power Parents!)