PEP 164: The 5 Easy Revenue Techniques You’re Probably Missing


Both ML and I have a mastermind that we do each week. This started a long time ago when I reached out to her after hearing her on Entrepreneur on Fire, and since then our friendship has developed. Recently, both of us found that we were struggling with different ends of a process. ML had the beginning of the process, and I had the end. We brought it together and blew up our respective businesses. After using these tools, within two weeks, we brought in over $10,000.

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Let’s Get This Show On The Road!

1. Review the people already in your network

We have grown many relationships, but most of them don’t even know exactly what we do.

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Recognize and accept that you already have an amazing network.

  • They are your friends/colleagues, but they don’t live with you
  • FB friends & groups
  • Twitter – lists
    • Twitter is a great place to connect with different people; people who would buy from you or who know someone who might want to buy from you
  • Sit down and review all the names in your network
  • We’re living in a time when we are constantly bombarded with a shiny new tool that promises to be the key to success, so people don’t step back and recognize the tools they already have
  • This is not simply going onto Facebook or Twitter and spamming people, this is relationships: the people you have actually connected with
  • KLT factor- Know Like Trust
    • Based on a genuine, authentic relationship
    • What you send must be tailored specifically to them!

2. Categorize them into groups

  • Start grouping them by how matched they are to your current offerings and goals
    • For example: One of ML’s offerings is very specialized, so there are not many people in that category. She has columns for each different service she offers; names can go into multiple categories or just one
    • Knowing what people would be interesting in has many factors
      • Intuition is a part of it
      • Another part of it is doing the work; go into their Linkedin profiles and read where they are currently working and see what they’re posting
    • ML usually won’t reach out to people who are not using social media, since that is the way of the world today
    • ML will set a timer on her phone for 25 minutes, and she’ll spend that time looking through her connections on Linkedin, and once that time’s up she’s done
      • Then at another set time she can go into more detail
  • friends
  • former colleagues
  • most likely to help with your current goals

3. Update on your current professional state with well crafted email offering them an exchange for their help

  • ML would type an email tailored to a specific person. In the subject line, she would type “Professional Update”
    • In the email she would make the first sentence or two on something personal to the client’s world
    • Then she goes to the reason of her writing
      • She describes what she’s doing, and she asks a direct question about who the client knows that could use this service
    • Talk about the outcome of the work you’re promoting
    • ML sent 20 people a personalized email, and 7 immediately responded. 1 person looked into working with her further
    • In our high-tech, fast-paced world we expect things to happen immediately
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      • It still matters to take the time to craft a personalized message to let people know what you’re doing and to ask if they know anyone who would be interested
    • People may not need your services at the time, but they may come back later
      • Continue to update and craft your emails
    • Selling is a value exchange, not just some sleezy interaction
    • Just because someone expresses an interest, that does not meant they are a good fit
    • I look at a conversation as an opportunity to find out if what I have is right for them

4. When someone shows interest, do a discovery call

  • It cannot be a text or other message, it must be a call or face-to-face
    • It really helps to solidify the value of your services
  • Get through the regular pleasantries
  • Then, get down to business
    • Ask them about the details of what they are trying to accomplish
      • Don’t rapid fire ask them questions, have a conversation
    • The people who were right for my product were having difficulty with their current situation
  • When I found that one potential client did not seem to need my services, I didn’t just end the call. I still provided some value to them
  • Be very clear about presenting what you offer, don’t let a fish that you got into the boat wiggle away
  • Go into the call with no expectations, just look forward to a great conversation
  • End the call with your proposal of how you can help them. Then, depending on the situation, either offer or don’t offer them a price
  • There is a reason your windshield is bigger than your rear-view mirror, you spend more time looking forward than out of that little mirror
  • These are skills, people are not born salesmen
  • Do not jump the gun, remember that it is a relationship, do not try to sell something at the first possible moment

5. The assumptive sales call

  • I will usually leave a question until this call. It ins’t neccessary to the contract, but it still provides information
  • why they need you
  • what their timeframe is
  • why you are the best to deliver
  • Give them a specific time frame of 24 hours to respond and commit
    • This keeps them excited and doesn’t let the buyer’s regret set in
    • It keeps a sense of urgency
  • I ask: What, if anything, would stop you from using this tool?
  • Within an hour, send them the contract and make sure to make a date within 24 hours to follow up

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