PEP 163: How 5 Entrepreneurs Used their Unique Fear to Create Success


Since fear is the most common obstacle all entrepreneurs face, here are 5 of my recent podcast guests, and how they used that obstacle to actually build their success.

Riley, my youngest, asked to look through our old photos up in a closet to find a picture from one of his fondest memories…

The time he met Thomas the Tank Engine.

Through that trip down memory lane, I realized that so many of the fears I had when my boys were young never came to pass, and, thankfully, I never gave into them and stopped myself from allowing all of us to have experiences that would help us develop the life we want to live.

That trip into the past was the catalyst for this podcast episode, and I sincerely hope it helps you break down some of your own fear barriers to create the success you’re looking for!

Let’s go…

1. Jim Joseph, The Out and About Dad

Listen to my entire conversation with Jim:

Jim’s fear of missing every Father’s Day with his kids, because his boss had different ideas of what was important than Jim had is what caused Jim to become an entrepreneur.

2. Anne-Sophie Dumetz, She’s a ChangeMaker

Listen to my entire conversation with Anne-Sophie:

Anne-Sophie used the fear of not being the example she wanted to be for her daughter when her daughter asked, “What can I be when I grow up?”

How could Anne-Sophie answer, “Anything you want.” if she, herself wasn’t doing anything she wanted?

3. Dori DeCarlo,

Listen to my entire conversation with Dori:

Dori’s main fear was giving up, and never realizing her life’s mission to save children.

4. Kathy Fettke, Real Wealth Network

Listen to my entire conversation with Kathy:

Kathy’s fear was real. She was faced with the real possibility that her husband would die in 6 months, and she would be the sole caretaker and breadwinner for her young children.

5. Dana Malstaff, BossMom

Listen to my entire conversation with Dana:

Dana’s fear was that she wouldn’t have enough love to spend on both her children and her business. She realized that her kids looked to her to create their reality, and view of the what is possible in the world.

I hope this trip down memory lane helps you face whatever fear you face right now, and punch it in the face to keep on going.

Enjoy the Journey,