PEP 158: How to Help Your Child Become a Super Hero with Yong Pratt


Once Upon a Time as Yong:

After 16 years of traveling around the world, and performing,, Yong returned to North America to live with her parents as an adult, and realized she was missing the ability to be authentically creative.

  • She couldn’t find any individual dance classes in her community
  • She went to the local college to ask if she cold teach classes
  • Parents in the community needed dance classes for their children, so The Academy of the Arts was born.

For the first few years, Yong didn’t have a business in the traditional sense.

It wasn't until I hired a mentor and created systems, and accountability that my business was profitable and fun! Click To Tweet

The Marketing of the mentor worked after several attempts to connect with Yong

  • It started with a Direct Mail postcard (that was different thank the rest of the mail)
    • The direct mail piece touched on Yong’s pain points in the same business she was trying to build
    • He showed her a path to a better way to creating a profitable business
  • That connection converted to an optin
  • That converted to a seminar
  • That converted to hiring this person as her mentor
It's so frustrating when parents say, 'Oh, it must be fun to play with kids all day' and I'm working my tail off Click To Tweet It took about 5 to 6 months of many small #connections before I actually bought. Do you quit #marketing before then? Click To Tweet Are you really clear about who you're serving and their transformation after working with you? #entrepreneurialidentity Click To Tweet As #parent #entrepreneurs we make choices. My #kids are part of my #business they aren't separate. Click To Tweet

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The 2 major changes when Yong hired a mentor:

  • I realized I needed help – administrative
  • I realized I desperately needed systems
    • Videos and Worksheets are available in Google Drive for training

How did you hire a mentor before you could afford it?

I reverse engineered the cost in order to understand if I could afford hiring a #mentor Click To Tweet
  • In order to make hiring a mentor more a mindset of an asset rather than an expense:
    • monthly cost of mentor/monthly revenue of one student = number of new students I need to enroll in order to pay for mentor
    • Example:  Mentor charges $750/month, One student brings in $100/month, 750/100 = 7.5 students
  • In order to hire an Admin Assistant:
    • 4 hours of help per week X $15/hour = $60/week = $240/month
    • One student brings in $100/month, so 240/100 = 2.4 students
  • Now your time is freed to create new programs or add other products
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Your Challenge:

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To connect with Yong:

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Enjoy the Journey!