PEP 153: Who is a Boss Mom and Rockin Life and Business Like Dana Malstaff?


Dana Malstaff




Once Upon a Time as Dana

Share our conversation about the sterotypes between moms and dads for a few minutes!

The kids and the business came to being at the same time for Dana.

Create a spreadsheet with the following:

  • Revenue (sales/income)
  • Expenses (anything you had to pay out to run the company – including your own salary)
  • Gross Profit (What’s Left Over!)

Remember to also subtract your credit card processing fees – usually they are 2 – 3%

Jake and JoJo are Dana’s two kids.

What is the typical day for a BossMom?

  • I send both my kids to school every day (Jake is 3years, and JoJo is 16 months)
  • Mondays are strategy and meal prep days
  • Tuesdays are jam packed with calls – I’m totally energized
  • Wednesdays are content creation days
  • Thursdays are call days again with afternoon catch up
  • Friday mornings are more coaching, and Friday afternoons are hopefully happy hour!
  • Dana and her husband each get one day a week off from parenting
  • Mornings are kid time to play with mom
  • Evenings are enjoying quiet time with movies, drawing, cooking, etc.
  • Weekends are always outdoors (in Southern California)
  • I only work with people who empathize with the fact that I have kids

When you prepare and plan ahead to get done whatever you need to get done while your kids are being cared for, your life is so much easier.

The way I don’t feel guilty about loving my business while I also love my family is because I am really confident in my decisions.

  • How much do I really want to travel (with my kids)?
  • How much time do I really want to be with my family every day?
  • etc.

What is the first thing someone developing a business needs to do to make their business more consistent and independent?

  • Complete the grid for Urgent and Important by Stephen Covy
    • Don’t spend so much time in non-urgent and non-important
  • Put daily actions into this grid associated with your calendar, also
  • Code these actions according to how you enjoy the activity

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Enjoy the Journey!