PEP 137: How Life Experience Can Help Build Business Credit and Success with Ty Crandall of


Ty Crandall CreditSuite.comOnce Upon a Time as Ty:

  • Ty can remember the struggle of not having his parents around often. They earned their college degrees when Ty was very young, and he remembers how his dad worked in the evenings and on weekends
    • He was of course appreciative of what his dad did for the family, but at the same time it was difficult not having him around
    • He wanted to have his own business when he had kids so he could come and go as he pleased and have the ability to spend a lot of time with his kids
    • He wasn’t willing to settle down or even think of having kids until he had a career to support the lifestyle he wanted
  • Ty was able to learn the importance of working hard versus working smart
    • If you used automation, outsourcing, and delegation to help you get more done, you could work smarter versus harder
  • Ty went into the military because he wanted to have that direction laid out in his life; it’s difficult to go through high school and college and try to figure out what to do for the rest of your life
    • He got a lot out of the military: he realized that the hierarchy that existed there didn’t work for him
  • Ty met his wife just as he started his first business
  • He had a medical career in the military, so he tried to make a career out of that on the civilian side, but it’s very different
  • It got to the point where Ty had had enough fun, so he was ready to start a family. He knew that meant that he couldn’t stay out on the road and he had to settle down and find a stable career
  • Your failures teach you the most #parent #entrepreneur #failures Click To Tweet
  • Ty has a boy and girl, and both are starting school and moving up
  • The business and parenting tend to mirror each other: the stage you are in as a parent tends to mirror the stage your business is in
    • The fast growth Ty’s business is experiencing comes with sacrifice: he has worked from home since his children were born, but now he’s moved to an office and that is very difficult. He can’t run out and see his kids any time
    • Having the kids right there with him was very important: they would play and Ty would know that they were right there and Ty could go out and see them at any time
    • It might have been the right call for the business, but Ty still has doubts on whether it was the right thing to do as a parent
  • We give to our kids what we didn’t get as kids, for example: Ty feels he needs to be there for his kids since his parents weren’t always there for him

Ty’s Daily Routine:

  • Ty will wake up and head off for the gym, then by the time he’s gotten back and had breakfast his kids are up and he’ll make breakfast for them too
  • In the evenings he’ll spend some time with his kids, then some time with his wife, then he’ll work a little then he goes to bed
    • He needs more time during the day to get things done, so he gets a little less sleep to be able to have a fulfilling day

Ty’s business:

  • Ty’s business help’s businesses build their credit profiling score, and in doing so the company is able to obtain the credit and financing
  • The owner is not personally liable from what happens in the business, and that helps the owner’s personal fiances and credit safe and separate from what takes place in the business
  • EIN number: go to
    • Think of a business name, find if that name is available, then get all set up
  • If you are really trying to grow a business to be successful, you need the credit
  • Plan ahead. For example: what are you going to do when your kids go off to college? It may seem like a long way away, but planning ahead will save your life
  • It’s all about advancing in life and being better: the lessons learned from what parents did and didn’t do are passed on to kids
  • Goals are essential, but boundaries are just as essential #goals #boundaries #business Click To Tweet
    • You have to determine where you’re going, but you also have to determine what you’re willing to sacrifice to get there
    • There have to be boundaries set in a business and as a parent
      • They must be fluid and applicable to the person and the time in life you are at

On the fence?

  • Stop and figure out first what it is that you really want. Where do you want to be in a year, or five years? Once you know the boundaries and what you’re willing to sacrifice to get to your goal, the opportunities will present themselves
  • If you’ve raised a child, business is nothing
    • As a parent, you already have the power to create a business

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