PEP 128: The Business Roadmap for Parents with Stacy Tuschl


stacy-headshot-updated-200x300Once Upon a Time as Stacy:

  • Host of The Business Rescue Roadmap Podcast
  • Stacy was an entrepreneur First
    • She started teaching Dance for free in her parent’s backyard when she was 18
    • 11 years later the business has grown to 7 figures
    • It started as a middle school dance team with 17 kids
    • 3 years later, she had 100 kids, still not charging, and spending all day Sunday
    • One of the moms encouraged her to start charging all the moms $30/month
    • At 21, she incorporated, and started her own business as a Junior in college
    • Now she is raising her 3 year old and 8 month old
    • She meets with her General Manager once a month, and the employees run the entire business without her

I need my son to start a business teaching Trumpet to middle schoolers…Hmmmmmm.

  • Business pangs:
    • She needed a building for all these kids
    • She found a building for $1,500/month
    • She had to add the phone bill, internet, utilities, etc.
    • She realized that she knew how to teach dance, but didn’t know anything about business
    • 10 years ago, Stacy got a postcard in the mail for a seminar on business, and that changed the way she thought
    • She new she needed help, tools and ongoing education

What did you need to change in this business to make it profitable?

Do you have any other businesses?

When did you start consulting?

Tell me about your day:

  • Even though I’m working at home, I don’t do anything for the home
  • My podcast day is Wednesday, and I interview from 12 to 4 every Wednesday
  • The other times in the day, I ask “What is the biggest thing I can do, the most productive thing that’s going to move my business the furthest, and grow my revenue the most right now?”
  • I have 3 big yearly goals, and 90 day goals
    • 3 big goals = I always want the Monday Wednesday tasks to be focused on those goals
      • Example:  Launch my podcast and have it hit New & Noteworthy
        • Tasks: Writing an email asking someone to review
        • Tasks: Researching who would be a good candidate for my show
        • Tasks: If a task wasn’t related to that goal, it didn’t happen on my Monday and Wednesday schedule
      • Example: Your goal is to bring in an additional $1,000 each month
        • Tasks: Create a new “Freemium” to bring people into my list to eventually sell them a course or product they might need
    • I only have from 9 to 11:30am outside my podcast tasks, so I reverse engineer my goal down to the first baby steps
  • It all comes down to numbers:
    • Build your audience by offering a “Freemium” you think they need
      • If no one opts in to get your free item, you know you won’t create a product around it

Periscope is helping build Stacy’s audience

What is your daily routine – mainly mornings – like?

  • Stacy’s goal is to wake up an hour before the kids wake up
    • She gets herself ready and takes care of herself – listening to a podcast or course for the entire time
    • If the kids are still sleeping, she immediately dives into work
    • When the kids wake up, she gets them breakfast, and gets them off to day care
    • On the days the kids are home, her husband takes a few hours in the morning so Stacy can work

Tell me about your book

What is your favorite Power Tool?

  • My Google Calendar
    • One day, I did something to delete my entire Google Calendar, and luckily my web designer knew how to get it back!

What advice would you give a newbie Parent Entrepreneur?

  • This is the best time to start a business as a parent
    • There are so many free tools available now for under $40/month with under an hour a day
    • What can you spend the $40 on? Go to Stacy Tuschl/Onlie Biz for a free checklist and video with some tools you must have!

Here’s how you can connect with Stacy:

Stacy’s Website

The Dance Academy

The Podcast