PEP 109: Nellie Akalp Returns with Specific Small Business Advice for Parent Entrepreneurs

Nellie Akalp, CorpnetNellie Akalp, CEO and Founder of Corpnet* which provides new and existing business owners cost effective, comprehensive services to start and grow a business returns to the show.

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Here’s how to take that idea, and start it off right!  You need to set up your business legitimately so there are no issues in the future.

What are the different business entities I, as a startup business entrepreneur need to consider:

  • Sole Proprietorship – one person operations doing business under their own name, or a fictitious name filing (DBA) in that particular state or county.
    • There isn’t much asset or liability protection for the business owner.
  • Partnership – two or more person operation.
    • There also isn’t much asset or liability protection for the owners.
  • Corporation or LLC
    • S-Corporation – most prominent legal entity available that comes with all the liability and asset protection. There are tons of formalities and lots of paperwork involved, and you set up your company with the IRS with many tax benefits. TALK TO YOUR TAX EXPERT FOR DETAILS!
    • LLC – Limited Liability Company – a really hot entity now, and most financial advisers are recommending it, and you have many options to tax this company under different entities. You get the liability and asset protection with minimal formalities and less paperwork.

See the Business Structure Wizard for your best recommendation for your business and personal structure.

Be proactive, and whichever business structure you choose, stay in compliance!

How can I, as a startup business owner get PR coverage on a limited budget?

  • It’s all about relationships and networking.
  • It really comes down to authenticity as well.
  • Engage in the community without self promotion.
  • Be helpful to people with guides and tools.
  • Produce “Tip-Based” content to share through social channels.

What is one tip to increase engagement in social profiles?

How do you engage your audience through your blog?

  • My blog is an extension of myself, and what I want to communicate to small business owners.
  • I don’t write everything on my blog. I also have other writers contributing to have a well rounded approach with everything I feel small business owners need.
  • Know the problem you are solving for your audience and clients.

It’s not just the niche you go after, it’s also your story that you build the niche upon.

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What is your most popular product or service currently?

Our most popular product today is our complete startup package – our Formation Services*, but the most popular part of our company is our team!

Here are the two most important tips from Nellie to grow an authentic, profitable business:

  1. Tips, engagement, help your audience, and
  2. That brings in potential customers who need your help to go further.

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