How Your Entrepreneurial View Must Change as You Attain One Million in Revenue with Joey Korenman of School of Motion


Joey Korenman Headshot1Listen to Conversation #64 to hear Joey’s full Once Upon a Time Story.

  • Currently, School of Motion is becoming a seven figure business
    • Only three years ago Joey was simply recording videos with only dozens of people watching
  • The biggest change in 2016 is that there are four full-time employees, and they hired their tenth part-time teaching assistant
  • When Joey started his website, he only had free content
  • About two years ago, Joey created and launched his first course
    • He did a beta and made about $10,000
  • At around that same time, Joey had the opportunity to be on Pat Flynn’s show
  • By the end of that year his business had half a million dollars
  • For two years before his business started making money, it made no money
    • He only considered it a side project, not much effort was put towards it
    • However, once he put all his effort towards it the business picked up momentum fast
    • He never expected it to work out, but once he shifted his mindset toward success it worked out
  • If you have a good product and you're focused on making it into a business, it can happen really fast #success #growth Click To Tweet
  • The problem is that you can tell someone they’re good enough, but they still won’t believe you
  • If you don't try it won't work #business #success #try Click To Tweet
  • Through each of the different launches thoughts of doubt kept going through Joey’s head
  • Learn from your mistakes. See the path you want to go, no matter how long the path
    • When something goes wrong don’t let it tear you down. Learn from it and move on
  • When Joey got the urge to become an entrepreneur, for six months Joey enveloped himself in all the podcasts and books from successful entrepreneurs
    • If they could do it, you definitely can
  • When Joey raised the price of his product, people still bought. This shows that he is selling a product that people actually want
  • Eventually you don’t look at the money coming in as yours; you pay yourself a salary and otherwise the money is for the company
  • You're the average of the five people you hang around the most #success #mindset Click To Tweet
  • Many people don’t understand being an entrepreneur
    • Don’t let people put you down or tell you to get a regular job, become an entrepreneur
  • If you can find a way to connect with people who see the  world like how you do, that will change your life for the better

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