How to Scale Your Business with Authenticity and Follow Your Creative Passions


Once Upon a Time as Laura

  • Laura started her first business as a blog over 8 years ago called Bridging-the-Gap
  • She left the corporate world by taking the summer off, and looking for consulting deals
    • She was a Business Analyst in the corporate world, and wrote about that in the blog
    • Her audience was people in the Business Analysis world, so consulting wasn’t the business that developed from that
    • Online courses helping people start a career in Business Analysis was the business that developed
    • Laura was unmarried and not a parent at this time, so she had some savings to fall back on during that summer off
    • When she married, and became a parent, Laura wanted to “Show Up as a parent” so she developed the business from a residual income model
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  • Laura’s daughter was born 3 years after her business
    • She felt like she had her plan figured out, but not the actual business
    • The business was bringing in a bit of money, but not enough for Laura to justify taking time away from her daughter
    • She hired a coach and changed her online course completely
    • She became more strategic
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  • Laura narrowly focused her blog and business to Business Analysis Startup
  • How does Momstyle your Business fit into all this?
    • Through the growth of Bridging-the-Gap, Laura was uncomfortable with customers knowing she was a work-at-home mom
    • Then, she embraced that fact, and offered help to other moms through an in-person, local workshop where 5 moms showed up to learn how to create digital products
    • She has always had a VA, but in 2016, she really built a support system of other instructors in her online course Business Analysis business, Bridging-the-Gap
  • Laura should talk with Joey Korenman of School of Motion
    • 10/19/16, Joey hit $1M in revenue in only his second year of business
    • Laura will do as Joey has done – she will elevate other Business Analysts to allow them to teach others and grow their own professional gifts
    • This requires a mindset shift from “I am the company” to “The company is it’s own entity.”
    • She started by hiring someone she knew well, and turned over part of the course teaching to him
      • It was easier than Laura thought, and she developed systems to see if she could do it again with another hire
      • This made the business and online course creation scalable
    • How did Laura stop doing all the work, and let go enough to stop feeling inauthentic?
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  • What mindset change needs to happen in order to let go of that feeling of inauthenticity?
    • You need to find the right people
    • You need to get over the fear that people are only expecting you as the owner of the biz
    • You need to reach your own natural creativity and work load limits
  • Building her second business, Momstyle Your Business grew from having another daughter, and feeling the need to contribute to the possibilities for women in building their own businesses

What is the biggest obstacle moms you’ve worked with face in building their businesses?

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  • Where you are right now is enough, so go share your knowledge today!

Laura’s advice to a startup entrepreneur:

  • It’s typically not the thing you do first that get’s your business off the ground
    • Start with a small consulting offering while building your business before developing a big digital product

Here’s how to get in touch with Laura:

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Enjoy the Journey!