How to Add Life to Your Years and Join the Food Revolution with Ocean Robbins


Once Upon a Time as Ocean:


  • Ocean’s grandfather was the founder of an ice cream company called Baskin Robbins
  • Ocean’s father was offered the company in his 20’s, but he turned it down
    • Instead, he wrote a book on healthy living and healthy food choices
  • When he was 16, Ocean founded a non-profit to help young people make healthier choices
  • In the midst of this, in his 30’s, Ocean became a dad
  • Now Ocean gets to be a parent to twins, now 16 years old, and he gets to run the food revolution network
  • Especially with twins, Ocean and his wife were focused simply on survival, so over time his kids helped him to desire a better world for them to live in
  • Be present with the kinds of foods you eat, then you’ll be able to live a far healthier life and achieve much more happiness

How Ocean gets it all done

  • First of all, he does not waste time saying he doesn’t have enough time
    •  He has the same 24 hours in the day as every other human being, and he is responsible with what he does with them
    • A long time ago, Ocean realized that if he didn’t have a strong, positive relationship with his loved ones and himself, his work would mean nothing
  • Ocean works hard, but he also plays hard
    • He’ll take about five weeks a year for a vacation; he’ll take his kids on trips and him and his wife will have date nights
    • He has experienced what it means to be somewhere fully; wherever he is, that’s where he wants to be
      • He want’s to be in the moment
  • How can we be fully where we are, here, in the moment?
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    • The art is to do the stuff that is the most important and make it the highest priority
  • Ocean owns a bike, and he will bike wherever he can whenever he can
  • He works out with his dad in the gym twice each week; it’s a nice routine and it helps to keep them connected
  • While Ocean is hanging out with his kids in the evening he’ll make his breakfast and lunch for the next day so it’ll be ready when he needs it
  • Create structures that support you
  • In the morning, Ocean and his wife will spend quality time together as they’re waking up
    • In addition, each morning, Ocean and his wife will take five minutes to do an activity. This can be anything from breathing exercises to saying things one likes about the other
  • He will try each morning to refrain from checking emails until he’s all ready for the day, however he is known to stop in the middle of getting ready and go into crisis-management mode
  • When at work, he is very focused, pausing only to take the occasional break to go outside to enjoy the sunshine
  • Every Saturday, Ocean has four hours he sets aside for time with his kids. This does not include anything like washing dishes or cooking, unless they’re making something together
  • Each  day Ocean will take a simple pen and paper and write down the top five things he wants to get done for that day
  • Taking care of yourself is like taking care of your business: you need to prioritize and follow a structure
  • Being a parent has made Ocean a stronger person, and a more humble person
    • Before he was a dad, he thought he was there to change the world for the better, and he would judge people for acting out out of anger
    • Through going through the lack of sleep at the early stages of parenting, he came to have a lot of compassion for everything people do
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    • It’s very common for young parents to get snappy at each other, but through Ocean and his wife’s policy of openness with each other and frequent date nights, they made it through
  • Some of the really tough moments in parenting have shown him that one cannot do everything by themselves. The darkest moments show you that you depend upon others more than you might realize. When we face moments of crisis, we can be deeper and wiser, having learned where our place is in the universe

How can we participate in Ocean’s revolution?

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