How Mindset can Help the Multi-Passionate Marvelous Mom Create Success


Kirsten Tyrell Marvelous MomsOnce upon a time as Kirsten

  • Kirsten grew up as a kind of junior mom: she was the oldest of four siblings
    • She has always wanted to be a stay at home mom with her kids
    • After having her first kid, she realized that being a stay at home mom wasn’t what she had dreamed of. She was feeling bored
  • She went back to school as her husband was in his last year of getting his masters degree
    • She realized how much she loved working and being busy through school
  • She started her own business as a photographer- she didn’t want to put too much pressure on it
  • Eventually they moved to southern California, her husband got a job, and her photography business took off
  • Kirsten shifted her mentality: they were both miserable so they knew they needed to make a change
    • They looked to the world of online business to make it big
    • They discovered Amazon and looked into that
    • While they were on this journey they discovered personal development; that seriously transformed her motherhood and life in general in a positive way
  • Her business and family has evolved right alongside each other
  • Even if you enjoy what you do, going and getting a job is someone telling you what to do and making you do it’
    • As an entrepreneur you have a totally different mindset: you offer your services to clients and you do what you do for you
  • When you work for yourself and you can work anywhere you’re not tethered. You can go anywhere, you’re not attached to any one place
  • Living in southern California in a small two room apartment with young children was very difficult
  • They invested in this one product and put it onto Amazon on black Friday, and it got them $1000 in sales by the end of December
  • People wanted to know how Kirsten made a living for herself online
    • Kirsten and her husband launched a course on Amazon to help people do what they did
  • Almost all of their sales are from their private labeled products; however she does go out to Target sometimes and buys things to sell on Amazon for a profit. This helps them pay for advertising costs, and it is much more satisfying to Kirsten than just spending her money on things
  • Kirsten is an example as to why you do not need to stick to one business and work with that: she has three kids and six businesses!
    • You still need to focus on one business to get it to make money; with many different focuses none of them will thrive as much as one main focus
  • Those on social media with over 100,000 followers could post about a product and their followers will buy it. Kirsten helps them to set up their business on Amazon so they can sell their own products
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  • It’s no longer just learning to do something, implementing it, and making millions
    • Instead of teaching people how to do something, they are providing the service themselves

A day in the life of Kirsten

  • Kirsten and her husband maximized every hour of the day
    • They stopped watching TV and they got rid of social media and other distractions in order to focus. They are human however so they have since let some of that back in
  • Her husband gets up at five to start working: that way he can work for an hour or so uninterrupted before the kids wake up
  • Kirsten wakes up at around seven to take care of the kids
  • Someone is always doing something: Kirsten and her husband will work throughout the day while their kids are at school
  • They are split through periscope and Facebook live. That is how they have grown their business

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