How Can Systems Help Your Creative Mind Create Success?


Once Upon a Time as Marina:

  • Marina’s daughter came before her business
  • She was at first resistant to start a business. It was this way for over a year!
  • Marina handles operations for small businesses
    • At the time she was managing large scale products, but she was burnt out
  • Marina founded vision framework because one of her friends was having trouble fitting all of her clients into her schedule, so Marina offered to help
    • She started offering her services, and then over time word spread and her business took off
  • People accused Marina of arrogance for believing that everyone could own their own business online
    • However, it is just the opposite
  • Just because someone is a successful CEO or millionaire, that does not mean that they know everything
  • Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses #business #success #strength Click To Tweet
  • In parenting, Marina expected all of the worst possible things
    • She spends a lot of time feeling an enormous amount of gratitude, thanks to her parenting and family being a wonderful thing
    • She expected the worst, but it turned out to be not as bad as she thought
  • Just like business, with parenting you have to grow and adapt
    • With business, however, you have to make the change happen
  • In Marina’s business, she provides structure in all aspects people need
    • One key aspect is handling money: she handles all the different financial aspects of her clients’ businesses
    • Another aspect is managing people: she will help her clients with issues related to managing teams
    • Money, communications, and time/energy management are the biggest key aspects of her business
  • Many times people will be looking for help, but they might not know exactly what kind of help they need
  • Mindset issues are what truly holds us back: It's not the mechanics, it's the mindset #success #attitude #mindset Click To Tweet
    • If someone is willing to look inside when confronted with an issue, find what is in you that is stopping you from resolving the issue
  • You need to tailor your system to how your brain works, but if there are multiple people in the business the system needs to accommodate all of them
  • In the broadest sense, people hire Marina to help them when they’re overwhelmed

On the fence?

  • Imagine what excites you
    • Break it down to steps, and you will have these sub-outcomes you can focus on
  • Start identifying the next action in each area of focus
  • One of the biggest hurdles is managing your emotions
    • Find someone who helps you keep your head above the water, and find someone who helps you keep going when you feel like quitting
    • There will be times when you will need to let go of things

A day in the life of Marina:

  • Marina centers her life around her calendar
  • Marina and her husband will coordinate who takes their daughter to school based on who has an early morning activity
  • During the day Marina and her husband will work
  • After school Marina will pick her daughter up from school, then her daughter will hang out with some friends
  • After that, if there are any extracurricular activities the daughter has, she will go to that
  • Marina will try to not work when the whole family is home for dinner
  • During the day, marina tries to match her tasks with her varying levels of energy throughout the day
  • If your child is interested in what you do, share it with them
    • This will create time to spend with the children, and you will have a deeper connection with them

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