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A Serial Entrepreneur who used to eat Cereal

Hello There ~ I’m Mary Kathryn Johnson, founder and host of the Parent Entrepreneur Power podcast, and I’m not like most entrepreneurs or most parents:

  • I had two sons under the age of 5 when I started my first business, so I had to figure out how to create profits while potty training!
  • I had two sons in elementary school when that business was hit by the recession bomb, so I had to adapt and reinvent while swearing over common core!
  • I finally developed a sustainable working life out of my home office (aka my music room) that includes nurturing the skills and talents of my two young men while fulfilling my purpose of business and client growth!

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Who am I to talk about parent entrepreneurship?

I help Moms & Dads in business clarify their true identity.

Then, I help them use that identity to create more profit and family freedom.

The Bump with Casts

When I was 8 months pregnant with our second son, I fell and broke both my legs.

Yes, that’s me with my eldest son, Evan, and behind him is the only tool I could use to get around my house…a walker.

Right after this photo was taken, I was introduced to the second tool I didn’t know I needed until I needed it…a bedside commode.

You know how often a pregnant woman needs to pee when in late term pregnancy, right?!

For me, a hard-charging, Type-A, bread-winning, ladder-climbing wife and mom, staying still while others took care of me, and did everything I was doing was very uncomfortable, not to mention a shock to my ego!

If I wanted functioning legs, and a healthy baby, however, I needed to stay still, heal my bones, and bake my baby.

When I finally delivered my little Smiley Riley, got both casts off, and was able to actually walk while holding my 3 week old infant, I felt totally liberated!

If I can do this with my sense of humor in tact…I CAN DO ANYTHING!

18 months later, I started my first business, MommyLoves, and double my revenue each year for the next four years!

Then the year turned 2008.

My business dropped by half that year.

I tried to get more drop ship or wholesale clients.

I tried to introduce another product, and borrowed $10,000 on a credit card to do so.

My business dropped by half again in 2009.

I tried doing Google Adwords.

My credit card interest rate increased to 39.8%

My business dropped by half again in 2010.

My accountant kept asking me why I held on to this failing business

I told him that I just couldn’t let go.

I couldn’t let my business fail, because if I did, that meant I failed.

My accountant shared some amazing wisdom with me.

You are not your business.

I gave him a wet, salty kiss through my tears.

Thankfully, my accountant is my husband.

Together, we paid off the upward spiral of debt that was now $40,000 by liquidating my retirement account.

I restructured MommyLoves by outsourcing everything, selling all my equipment except my computer, and taking a deep, calming, cleansing breath, and repeating my new mantra.

I am not my business.

Throughout the rest of 2011, and all of 2012, I finished my book about my experience breaking both legs while pregnant. I started a new business, Help Me Self Publish, because I start businesses based on my own needs.

I shut that business down in 2013. I didn’t like formatting and editing books as much as I liked writing and reading them.

I had developed a routine of deep, calming, cleansing breaths coupled with meditation which turned into my personal P.O.W.E.R. morning routine.

My oldest son started high school, and I had another realization (thankfully without all the drama of the other one).

My identity is not Mom.

The role of business owner, parent, wife, etc. are not who I am. Those roles are external to me, and I choose to fulfill them with every ounce of my being from a place of love, compassion, gratitude and success, but they are not me.

If my business fails, I do not die.

If my kids leave home, I do not die.

If my husband leaves, I do not die.

If I hang on to these roles as my definition of myself, I cannot create true success in life, and I cannot truly love and support my business, my kids, my husband or my community.

I started the website and blog Parent Entrepreneur Success in the fall of 2013.

I started the accompanying podcast Parent Entrepreneur Power January, 2014, and I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of interviewing some absolutely incredible parents building successful lives and businesses.

I have been mentoring other parents to build successful online businesses since 2013.

Welcome to the community, my friend, and hang on for the ride.

Enjoy the Journey!


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