Creating Profit for Your Biz and Movement for Your Kids with Jeremy Barnhart


Once Upon a Time as Jeremy:

  • For Jeremy, the kids came first
  • When Jeremy was working a ton, he had a wake up moment:
    • One of his elderly coworkers took a vacation to Europe, but while he was away his two children (they were in their late twenties and early thirties) started a meth lab in his backyard, and they got busted while he was away
    • At that point, Jeremy realized that he shouldn’t spend all of his time working and he should devote a lot of his time raising his children to grow up to be successful
  • After this incident, Jeremy started thinking about what’s next
    • He decided to make his family and children his priority, and he made the jump into an entrepreneurial lifestyle
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  • As a result of the crash in 2008, Jeremy had to change his path
    • He was hit especially hard as a result of his real estate oriented business
  • The biggest lesson Jeremy learned was to diversify
  • Jeremy has always been entrepreneurial, so he started a variety of different businesses
  • His family has had a passion for both education and fitness, so Jeremy found a way to combine the two
  • Jeremy’s wife was selected to help fundraising for her kids’ schools
    • She decided to do fundraising her own way, not just selling cookie dough and other such things
    • What she decided to do was put on a triathlon
  • With Apex fun run, money earned helps teachers purchase supplies for the classroom
  • Typical fundraising programs don’t improve the lives of the kids, they simply turn them into little door to door salespeople
    • With Apex fun run, kids learn leadership techniques and fitness awareness
  • This fundraiser will give the school the majority of the money
  • This puts the fun back into fundraiser, and they won’t need to go door to door and sell to strangers
  • The program teaches kids to go above and beyond, Jeremy gets mail everyday with parents saying kids came home asking where the vacuum cleaner is so they can go above and beyond at home!
  • Even though the majority of schools are only open for a certain number of months, Jeremy’s business keeps him busy year round
    • With this, Jeremy has not missed a single of his children’s events, and he coaches
  • If it wasn’t for his kids, there would be nothing to pull Jeremy out of the office
    • It’s difficult to not work 100% of the time, even when you’re an entrepreneur
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  • To support a business like the one Jeremy has, he had to build a team. Sometimes calls need to be made late at night or other inconvenient times, having people across the country means people in different time zones

On the fence?

  • Just do it! Life is short; find your passion and pursue it
    • If it aligns with your passion, it’ll work out
    • Jeremy’s business is built on passion: he’s not just selling things he’s helping better the lives of kids all across the country
  • If the next step for you is calling Jeremy and joining his team, do it!

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